Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get the low down on the Lo-Mar!

The Lo-Mar drive-in is located on U.S. 54 in Eureka. Robby owns it and is there behind the counter 7 days a week, or so said the ladies waiting in line. Robby works very hard to please his customers. One was asking for a slightly burned pork tenderloin sandwich.

The specialty at the Lo-Mar is the Marshmellow Nut Cups. I just assumed that referred to some kind of an ice cream dish. But maybe it's a cup of marshmellows and nuts. Maybe the marshmellows is where the "Mar" in Lo-Mar comes from.

What I love is he uses fresh beef for his hamburgers. It might take a bit longer but you won't get a pre-cooked burger. My beef patty was about a third bigger than the bun and just hung out beautifully around the sides. Tantalizing the taste buds. It didn't last long enough for me to take a picture of it.

In the summer, Robby uses fresh peaches and strawberries in the milk shakes.

This is one of those super duper, service-is-everything, fresh-and-local ingredient type of places. The kind you're so glad is in your town.

Oh, and I had the best cherry limeade I've ever had!

Yes, you have to get out of your car and go to the window to order but you'll get to visit with the locals standing in line and get the true feel of the Lo-Mar. Plus, you get to look Robby in the eye and say thanks.

Get the Lo-Mar and you'll "Get Kansas!"

KE #2 Marci Penner


Keith said...

I've never met him, but Robby's name is Robert Inge. The building is a Valentine Diner.


Sharon said...

It is a great place to get a wonderful cheeseburger. The Lo- Mar comes from previous owners Loy and Mary

Joy said...

The marshmellow nut cups are either chocolate or vanilla ice cream smothered with marshmellow and topped with nuts. Yum!!! Chocolate marshmellow nut cup is the best.Also you can't miss his fresh squeezed limeades!You might have to wait a little bit because he runs it by himself, but well worth the wait!!!!!

Kyle said...

Lo-Mar was opened sometime around the very early 1960's by Loy and Mary Browning (thus Lo-Mar). Loy passed away a year or two ago, but Mary is still kickin'. I always liked their vanilla soft serve.

Get Kansas! said...

Thanks for all the information through the comments!

Anonymous said...

Robby has the very best ice cream. We buy it by the 44 oz cup.I've known Robby for years. He's a great hard working guy.

Bill said...

Born and rise in the area, loved Lomar when Loy and Mary owned it.
Retired and moved back home, Robby has done a great job keeping the tradition going, with the greatest Lomar cheeseburger, fries and Limeades. Don't forget the peach shakes during summer months.
If in the area it a MUST stop for any traveler....

Anonymous said...

Was raised in Eureka, actually worked for Loy and Mary, right along with their children. The best of everything, especially the Marsheila burgers!! Back in the day....the Babson College students wanted the mustard and ketchup both on their sandwiches. So Mr. Loy mixed them together and made his "secret sauce", thus only having to spread on ONE sauce!

Anonymous said...

My name is Kami, and I'm the youngest of Loy and Mary's 7kids. It's wonderful to read all the nice comments people are leaving about the restaurant. And that everyone has such good memories of my parents..And yes mom is still up and going if you're in the area you should stop and see her. The house is in the same place, for those that know. Robbie is doing a good job and I'm glad that one of my friends took over to keep it alive. I'd love to hear more memories from everyone. If you'd like to get a hold of me my email address is below..

Thanks and Happy Eating
Kami Browning