Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a good Landing at Nelson's in Leonardville!

Ever heard of the Green Bay Packers or K-State Football Wildcats? Know what they have in common? Jordy Nelson of Riley County. Maybe you have heard of another one of Alan and Kim Nelson's kids. Kelsey played basketball for the women's K-State basketball team and older brother Michael was also a standout athlete at Riley County High School.

Now Alan and Kim own a popular bar and grill in the town of Leonardville in Riley County called Nelson's Landing. You'd think it would be a popular place to watch a K-State game -- but everyone in the area is at the game! The place looks perfectly country with barn siding and tin along the walls and bathroom stalls like wainscoting. Couldn't be more comfortable.

The food is really great, too. The meat in the hamburger is from Nelson's own Angus! Sweet potato fries make a great side dish.

And the pies...Kim makes them every morning. Snicker pie, coconut cream pie are among the favorites. The crust is to die for!!!

Then, some people are so comfortable here they just don't want to go...

Think you know why Nelson's Landing can be so successful in a town of 375? Then you "Get Kansas!"

KE #2, a happy customer, Marci Penner

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