Monday, May 27, 2013

Vibrant with volunteers - Greeley County

We recently researched Greeley County for the update to the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.

The city might only have around 700 residents but many of them volunteer.

Volunteers take tickets, serve concessions, and clean-up at the community-run theatre.

You can go to the fairgrounds and see the skeleton of many of the amusement park rides.  Come fair time, the carnival committee takes the seats and the equipment out of the shed and makes the rides operational.  For 75 cents a ride, it's a great time and volunteers work hard for three days to make it all happen.

Volunteers run the 9-hole grass-green golf course.  $15 to play. 

Rural communities are so fortunate to have volunteer fire departments.

The historical museum stays open with volunteers.

The six-lane bowling alley is a non-profit organization.

In Tribune, being a volunteer helps keep the town vibrant and a choice place to live.

Go Kansas!  Marci Penner