Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is it you?

Is your organization, event, or council thriving?  If not, it may be time to ask yourself the hard question.  
Is it me?
Can you find volunteers for your event?
Do you have enthusiastic, or frustrated workers?
Do you have turnover and don’t know why?
Do you have a growing membership?
Are things really clicking in your daily operations?
Are your meetings productive and end with action items?
When we are the problem, it’s really hard to see, even harder to admit.  And, it’s hard for someone to tell you that it’s you.
If things aren’t working, you probably aren’t happy either.
If you’re on the edge, can you do these things?
  •  Admit to yourself that you might be holding back progress and be more aware of dynamics around you.
  •  Become a good listener.  Ask questions.  
  • Be open to ideas.  If you’ve been insisting that things be done as they have always been done, this may be discouraging those who want to inject some new ideas.
  • Stop micro-managing those who are fully capable of doing their job their way.
  •  Are you crediting people who have good ideas?
  • Are you asking how you can help?
  •  Are you recognizing extra effort?
  •  Are you staying out of the way when you aren’t needed?
Sometime change is needed, and sometimes it starts with us.   Don’t stay too long on a board, as the boss, as the chair of meetings, or in charge of an organization.  Ask yourself the hard question. You’ll be admired for it.

Thoughts by Marci Penner and Sarah Green