Saturday, March 7, 2009

More in Norwich!

Sondra said we had to see Ye Olde State Bank before we left town. As I remember it, a couple moved in from out-of-state and the result was the resurrection of the corner bank. It's now open Friday-Sunday for antique shoppers but, as proved the day we were there, they'll open it anytime. If it's closed, just go to the hardware store. In fact, while we were yakking in the hardware store a woman came in just happened to have a key!

Before Dave the owner (pictured with Sondra on the porch) could get there our tour had already started. It seems to have more valuable antiques than many places. Plus, they'll even cater a meal for you out of Ye Olde Bank. So if motorcycle or bicycle clubs, Red Hats group, or others want a meal catered, this is the place!

Or, you could go eat at Redz, right across the street. Look closely for a pizza advertisement and open sign in the window. You won't see the name of the restaurant on the red brick building right now but that will come soon.

For now, just know there is great atmosphere, great ice cream treats, Hunt brothers pizza and more waiting inside.

While we were waiting for our food, Sondra took me to another place just around the corner from Redz -- Brick House Designs! Yep, yet another person, Karen Poindexter, wanted to have a business in a small town -- and this one is gaining steam all the time.

Need some screen printing done? This is a good place to do it!

People that "Get Kansas" know that you can make it with a business in a small town if certain ingredients are present -- and they are in Norwich!

KE #2 Marci Penner

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