Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The things you'll see far from the interstate

St. John, population 1,188, is the county seat of Stafford County and is located in the Arkansas River Lowland region.

The Stafford County Courthouse has an unusual triangular shape, the trademark of this 1929 Modern Eclecticism structure.

And, this triple-decker Victorian fountain is the focal point of this beautiful park square. You'll also find old-fashioned street lamps and a Statue of Liberty replica here.

For a most intriguing time, visit the St. John Science Museum and let Jim Hood wow you by demonstrating how every day tools and appliances translate into applied science. An 1989 inductee into the Kansas Teachers' Hall of Fame, Jim can show how electricity can travel through the air, how the telegraph developed and how magnetic force fields work. Young and old will love this! (620.549.3818)

There's no science museum in the state that will compete with this one. Get off the interstate and let the magnetic forces pull you to St. John!

To "Get Kansas" it helps to know Jim Hood and things that come in three's in St. John.

KE #2 Marci Penner

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