Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Catastrophic

I left it on my desk for a day. The big 9 x 11" envelope with the familiar Blue Cross Blue Shield logo in the return address corner. I knew what was in it. I've been waiting for it with trepidation, wondering how they'd punish me for having shoulder surgery this past year (and they don't even know that I'm going to have a second one in the same year).

The news. $110 more per employee per month. $220 per month just to cover the increase. Over $1,000 a month in total. One small example of the castrophic nature of insurance problems.

So many of you have insurance stories that should make our nation shudder in unison. Instead, we have divided ourselves because of reasons that have nothing to do with insurance. And so we continue to be a nation that cannot help itself.

This is not intended to be a political message. It is no longer a Democrat or Republican problem. It's about how we've devolved in handling difficult challenges.

Now, for me, this edited rant is useless unless we come up with solutions. It is no longer OK to just say we're disgusted. What are the action steps we can take to be part of the solution, even if small?

Each one of us needs to cut out the partisan rhetoric and start talking about steps that solve, rather than divide. If we used our energy to reframe the situation instead of blaming someone we'd have a lot more time to figure things out.

We have one zillion problems now created because we are more comfortable dividing than uniting.

My corner of the world is to find positive and creative grassroots solutions for rural communities, especially volunteer-led communities. I ask for your help by leaving your partisan stripe in the closet when you come to this problem-solving table. I ask for you to let go of any negative rants about your neighbor or fellow businessman or city commissioner at home. Take up the mantle for positive voices for change.

How can you alter the next meeting you go to today, tomorrow, next week? How can you have a solution-minded voice on Facebook, at your dinner table, at coffee in the cafe?

Find a way. It's our only chance to save us from ourselves.

KE #2 Marci Penner


Unknown said...

Okay I am calm now. At long last our congress has the desire to solve this problem and the votes to almost do it. Bills are currently being debated, and we need to become as informed as possible regarding the five bills currently under review. Then we need to contact our elected officials and share with them exactly which bill we would like for them to vote for. We can only change the world if we are seriously paying close attention.

Anonymous said...

OK Marcie - agree with your comments. We all know that the system needs fixed. It's not about Republican or Democrat, but that little known entity called common sense. As someone who is on Medicare, I am thrilled and Blessed to have an additional policy to help cover costs. I am always amazed at what isn't covered by Medicare. So I am one of those who doesn't want the government solving all our problems. I believe in people getting together to find solutions. Don't know if I can wade through the nearly 2000 pages of the bill that should be on line today but encourage everyone to read as much as possible and be politically active. This comment may mean different things to different people and that is ok, just so you get active, however you view the bill.