Monday, November 11, 2013

Community tributes to veterans

It seems that almost every town in Kansas has some kind of memorial to veterans, whether it be recently made or dates back to the Civil War.  Here are a few that we have found on our ERV trip.

Courthouse square, Iola

Courthouse square, Great Bend

Sac and Fox tribal offices, Reserve, Brown County

Avenue E and 26th, Wilson

Old parade ground, Fort Dodge

Fort Riley Cemetery

Ulysses Cemetery, E. 160

Tribune, N. K-27

Hoisington Cemetery (northeast corner of town, bordering K-4), 
African American folk art gravestone

Courthouse square, Holton

Prairie People's Park, Prairie Band of the 
Potawatomi Indian Reservation, Jackson County

Artwork memorial at Prairie People's Park Veteran's Memorial

Courthouse square, Mankato

Courthouse grounds, McPherson

City park, Parkerville, Morris County

City park, White City, Morris County

Woodland Cemetery, a National Cemetery for 
Civil War soldiers, Mound City, Linn County

Highland Cemetery (E. K-106), Minneapolis.  
GAR memorial in background.

Larned Cemetery, 1 mile west of Larned on K-156, 
then 1/2 mile south.

Larned Cemetery

Pocket park, 1st and Walnut, Hutchinson

Veterans Memorial Park, E. U.S. 40, Russell

Courthouse square, Scott City

Veterans Memorial, U.S. 54

Veterans display, Museum of the Great Plains, Leoti

Courthouse square, Yates Center

Civil War Memorial Arch leading in to 
Heritage Park, Junction City

When you see how communities honor their veterans it should help you "get Kansas."  

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