Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Signs that'll make you look twice!

Signs conceived by locals are an endless source of fascination. Keep your eyes open!

Sign #1: This motel sign will sure get your attention! See this one along U.S. 36 in Atwood.
Sign #2: And, come on, don't you know the rules yet! Sign on front door at Polk's Market, Medora.

Sign #3: Designed by artist Paul Boyer of Belleville, what a clever idea! Look closely and you'll see that the open and closed are each in a window and a wooden white board with handle just slips over one of the sides. No screws. Look in the middle and you'll see the wingnuts that turn easily. When it says open make sure to go in and see Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings.
These signs will tell you alot about the characters of Kansas. Read into them and you'll "Get Kansas!" KE #2 Marci Penner

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