Monday, November 24, 2008

Someone said there is nothing to see...

Recently someone was trying to convince me that promoting rural communities as "an attraction" was a waste of time. I figure that person just hasn't learned how to explore Kansas yet.
Do you know which town the above pictures represent?
Here are some clues. The first plaque is actually in the middle of the main intersection downtown as you see in the second picture.
The "wedding ring quilt" pattern is incorporated into architectural design in a few places around this town.
This town once supported three brick plants.
Have you figured out which town this is?
These are just small points of interest but in the Explorer world lots of little things adds up to a really fun adventure. I mean, how many towns have you visted that had a historic plaque right in the middle of the street -- and you wouldn't get run over taking a picture of it? Why is it there? Because that is exactly where the town well was first built.
Three more clues. The memorial park is named after state senator and World War I General George Wark. The Black Dog Trail went through this area, too. Jabba Mason is buried in the city cemetery. She taught both Harry Sinclair and Walt Disney.
It's fun to search for Explorer tidbits.
I'm talking about Caney, a very fun town to visit.
If you want to make me bristle , just say there is nothing to see and do in our rural communities. Actually, the fact is that it's the person looking that may not have figured it out. It takes a real sharp eye and a curious soul be be an explorer...
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Finding tidbits in small towns is one way to "Get Kansas."
KE #2 Marci Penner

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