Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Amazing!

Each of the gallery windows at the Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings features one of Paul Boyer's motion displays. You push a button and it goes into motion -- and your jaw drops. Some of the displays show the "underworkings," as featured on two of the pictures above, and it's just awesome. Intricate work combined with humor puts Mr. Boyer's vivd imagination into motion.
The pictures above just don't do justice to what you see. Just imagine every thing you see in the pictures in motion presenting a scenario. It's so clever.

Paul Boyer's daughters Annie and Candy are your hosts at the gallery. They show as much admiration for their Dad and his amazing works as the guests do. They tell how he never wrote out plans. If he could see it in his head then he could make it. He must have amazing finger dexterity to work with those small gears and shafts. The carved figurines are another amazement! How did he do that?
My favorite display (not shown above) was the one with ball bearings dropping off of a chute onto a rubber drum and then bouncing to another drum before jumping into the cage where they'd go back on the conveyor belt and the top of the chute. Two ball bearings would be dropped at once and they would always go precisely where they should. You just have to see it...it's amazing.
The Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings, chosen as one of the 24 finalists for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Art, is located at 1205 M in Belleville. It's closed for the season but you could call Annie at 785.527.5884 to make an appointment. I hope you get to see this place sometime!
To see Paul's motion displays is to help you Get Kansas! Yours, KE #2 Marci

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