Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marcon Pies! Need I say more?

Have you ever heard of Marcon Pies? Just the mere mention causes drool. They are famous all over the state.

They are on my mind because when I shopped at our local grocery store in Inman this morning the Marcon delivery man came in with trays of pies. Oh my. I wanted to buy one but the clerk wouldn't let me! First, she had to figure out which ones to set aside for pies pre-ordered for Thanksgiving. There were simply a pile of pies!

Stores in Inman, Yoder, Hoisington, Wilson, Belleville and many, many more have them. You'll know if your local store has them...

What's the big fuss? They are made in Washington and the company was started by Marilyn and Connie -- thus the name Marcon. You can go into the "pie factory" at 8th and D for a tour (call in advance, 785.325.243) or to buy a pie at the front counter.

Cream pies, fruit pies (only available on Friday), sugar-free pies, cheesecake. Yum.... Hey, gotta close. I'm jumping in my car and going back to Inman. Maybe I can buy one by now. Cherry pie here I come!

To eat a Marcon is to "Get Kansas!" KE #2 Marci Penner

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