Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saluting Veterans

One of the newest memorials is this Veterans Memorial Amphitheater located at the east edge of Pittsburg State University campus on Rouse Street. You'll feel a tug at your emotions as you walk the entryways lined with flags and the seals of the five military branches. Dedicated in 2004, this all-veterans memorial features the first Vietnam Moving Wall to be retired, an eternal flame, and a reflecting pool. A depression in the middle of the pool honors Americans who died in the war or are missing in action.

I also really like the World War I Doughboy Statues. We have five in the state in Onaga, Oakley, Axtell, Wilson, and Parsons. The bronze statue depicting a charging soldier is a memorial to the veterans of the Great War. Most of the Doughboy statues made by artist Ernest Moore Viquesney were dedicated in 1920.
Kansas communities do a great job of honoring their veterans and that is part of "Getting Kansas." On the road, KE #2 Marci

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