Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You gotta love mud!

My nieces from California are visiting. Every morning we do some kind of mud pie challenge. I'm the food channel announcer. They are the contestants. Today it was a Dessert Challenge.

Sofi made a beautiful quadruple layer cake laced with evergreen berries, smashed stones, cucumbers, and topped off with a beautiful garden flower. (Their descriptions are more realistic but I can't remember the fancy names they use). The middle dessert was chocolate caramel cupcakes with candles on a bed of leaves. The lollipops were the third entry and were topped with rotten tree stump powder (also known as cinnamon), I think.

Here is Pauli with her three entries.

The bark held five different toppings for the chocolate ice cream seen on the left.

The multi-layer cake had rings of berries, flowers, some nice sawdust, and a feather on top. Again, they use real names but I can't remember their culinary descriptions.

This is Sofi's multi-layer cake up close.

I thought her candles were especially fun.

We have much fun going around the farm to collect all the "decorates." On Saturday, 40 Penners are going to make mud pies as part of our annual Crepe Paper Festival.

Why not do mud pie contests at your next community festival? It's loads of fun!

Mix it up with mud and you'll "Get Kansas!"

KE #2 Marci Penner


pauli said...

love the decorates choosen for these... exquisite!

Anonymous said...

How very creative...the cake looks YUM- O!