Friday, October 17, 2008

Architecture and Art are often one in the same

Isn't this building beautiful? It's even better close up. Part of what I call the explorer mindset is being observant so one sees these intricate and beautiful details and appreciates them enough to stop and get a closer view. These are two not-as-clear-as-I'd-like shots of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall at 600 N. 7th in Kansas City, Kansas. Doesn't this terra cotta ornamentation put the exclamation point on the building? It's a style of the 1920 era.
The building was erected in 1924 to commemorate the sacrifice of the men of Wyandotte County during World War I, this hall is dedicated to the more than 6,480 who served.
Above the six Doric columns and flanked by bald eagles sculptures are the words, "Dedicated to the heroes who fought and died for their country."
The Scottish Rite Temple is close by at 7th and Ann as is the Wyandotte County Courthouse (700 N. 7th). Both the temple and courthouse are on the National Register of Historic Places.
Also in that area is the historic Huron Indian Cemetery that was established in 1843. Ten brass plaques on 7th at the bus stop tell the history of the Wyandot Indian Nation. A marker of the Ten Commandments stands in front of the St. Mary's-St. Anthony's Catholic Church at 615 N. 7th. These places are all within walking distance of each other. A great Explorer area.
Explorer places are everywhere -- just train your eyes to see detail. It's fun.
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