Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great Ideas for Kansas

We had a board meeting yesterday. Board members are John and Debbie Divine, Salina; Lynda Fort, Ulysses; Gene Merry, Burlington; Ellen Morgan, Salina; and Shelia Lampe, Piqua.

We've been trying to figure out if the Kansas Sampler Foundation should stay small or go big. In the end, we realized that all that matters is that we continue to educate the public about Kansas and support rural communities the best we can. We think we've come up with some unique ways to do this in the most economical way possible. More on the details as time happens. Martha Slater, First Generation Video of Wichita and former board member, made a presentation of some exceptional ideas that include DVD and CD and some other online technology that further our mission in a very exciting manner. The board (I call them boardies because I just love them!) talked all over each other in responding to Martha's plan. President John had to work hard to contain all the instant brainstorming so that Martha could finish her presentation.

I look forward to sharing the plan as we go forward. Kansas has so much to offer and we need to let the world know how to experience rural Kansas. Also, there are so many opportunities for rural communities if we think with a fresh perspective and see rural with new eyes. We've got some ideas!

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