Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay, who stole this week? Fess up! Good grief, today is Friday and I didn't get done half of what was on my "to do" list.

It's been a whirlwhind since last Saturday in Dexter at the B.Y.O.L.C. I know Moss the Boss already yakked about that fabulous event so I'll just tell you about the pancakes!

Just in case you haven't heard, I am now on an official "Explorer Quest!" Yes, that's right. Add another one to the list. I'll be spending the next few years trying out pancakes at a local eaterie in each of the 105 counties of Kansas. I think I have this love for pancakes because of my mother and grandmother, each of whom made the best pancakes I've yet to eat. Now Mom made hers with buttermilk and cooked them on the griddle of the old Chamber stove. You know the one that Rachel Ray uses on her cooking show! That stove is just the best! (You can see one in Morland at the community center too!) Grandma Bare made Buckwheat Pancakes every day of her married life and served them with honey or blackstrap molasses. She sometimes added soybean grits to the batter! She'll turn 94 in November so maybe there's something to that!

I can now add Cowley County where I discovered one of my top five pancake breakfasts so far at The Gathering Place. One of my criteria for fantastic pancakes is that they are served with piping hot maple syrup. Three adorable ladies who share ownership and cooking duties Friday-Sunday also made the experience a wonderful one. Stop in sometime not only for the pancakes but for their delicious home made meals inlcuding chicken fried steak made the Explorer Way and Sunday fried chicken! We loved the eclectic collection of vintage dishes used to serve the meals at The Gathering Place. It made for a very special experience!

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