Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a New Year -- and so many places to see!

Sommerset Hall Cafe. Home of Norma Grubbs, the "Slice of Pie" winner on Good Morning America.
The big and white wooden corner frame building dominates the Dover intersection. Quite a few cars surrounded this Odd Fellow and Rebekah Lodge and it was already 1 p.m.
Of course everybody starred when we walked in. They didn't know us so we became the object of their curiosities, as is the tradition in any local cafe when a stranger walks in -- especially when one is carrying a big camera.
There is alot of space in here so remembering that someone had said there was a line outside the door for the Friday night buffet during Norma's pie race, this place must have been hopping.
Bummer. Norma wasn't there on this day. But just eating here is a definite Explorer experience. There are a few canned goods, cat litter, work gloves, Sommerset Hall mugs, and other items available on the shelves. Tables fill the big blank spaces and there are about five round seats on pedestals at the counter.
At the top of the shelves are all sorts of antiques including references to barns, cows, and rural. One shelf, above the cat litter bag, is a whole row of local yearbooks.
I had the Mexican buffet with southwest egg rolls. WenDee ordered a hamburger and sweet potatoe fries -- and she liked it! She had her heart set on Coconut Cream Pie but that will wait for another time.
You had to look for references to Norma but once you started looking you found everything from a chart that listed how many pies she had made to Norma Christmas ornaments! Tucked away in the corner behind a chair stood a sign that welcomed everyone to the Sommerset Hall Cafe, home of Norma and her homemade pies.
Had the winner been from a big city, they likely would be using their new designation in ad campaigns, billboards, and making a big deal about it. Our subtle way of absorbing recogntion is part of "Getting Kansas."
This blog is mostly to remind us all that Kansas is full of explorery places and is a treasure trove for experiences, memories, and having a great time with the family.
All rural towns invite the world to Come and "Get Kansas" in 2009!

KE #2 Marci Penner

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