Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a good place to gather in Dexter

Stepping inside The Gathering Place in downtown Dexter is like going to a family reunion. Vickie, Lynn, Janice, and Lynn's daughter all work there and are as friendly and welcoming as can be. On this day customers included Lynn's granddaughter and Janice's brother.

These gathering places are essential to small towns. Schools, churches, the post office, and cafes are the typical best gathering places in most small towns -- if a town is lucky enough to still have these places. Dexter has all of them. Of course, the yummiest is the restaurant!

Vickie tells the story that on Sunday mornings her cohorts meet at the restaurant before church to start the noon meal. Then they rush off to church and dash back as soon as the service is over to get ready for post-church customers. Vickie's preacher understands that if he gets too windy, she'll be leaving early. He's given his blessing.

The decor adds to the homey feeling in The Gathering Place. These painted tables came from a cafe in old Branson that was closing.

The tasty pork barbecue sandwich was served on one of their eclectic plates! The pie on this day was Butterfinger Pie. Was it ever delicious! If it's on the menu when you go in, order it right away before the last piece has vanished.

They also sell Tommy Parsons' eggs. $2 a carton.

Just inside the door you'll see this ABCDE sign. The "A" stands for the Eastern Cowley town of Atlanta. "B" stands for Burden, "C" for Cambridge, "D" for Dexter, and "E" for Eastern Cowley County. The slogan is good: Working together as a community team in revitalizing and sustaining quality of life for Eastern Cowley County. The ABCDE group with representatives from each of these small towns works hard at revitalizing the area communities. The Gathering Place ties perfectly into the philosophy. It's not just a restaurant but a symbol of determination and a place to bring people together.

The Gathering Place, Helium Park, the Stone Barn Mercantile and sesquicentennial barn logo, Henry's Candies, Crabby Patty's, and the beautiful scenery in the southern Flint Hills make Dexter a wonderful place to visit.

The Gathering Place - 620.876.3525.

You "Get Kansas" if you realize that having a place to "gather" is essential to a small town.

KE #2 Marci Penner

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Sarah said...

Absolutely worth the drive! I really feel as if I am eating with family and friends! These folks have blessed our rural area with something very special - THANKS! The Cooper's