Saturday, April 11, 2009

There is a wonderful cat named Phoebe that resides at the Kansas Sampler Center. Every morning she visits VLee (Marci's Mom) and me in the office we share. She'll whine until we pet and make over her like the prima donna she is and then she'll jump onto the table where she's made a stationery box her morning sleeping quarters. There, in the south window with the warm sun streaming in, she curls up and snoozes for most of the morning. Once in a while, she goes into such a deep slumber that she'll start to snore! It's more like a high pitched wheeze, but pretty unnerving at times - just like her human counterparts!

I had a chance one day to capture one of her snoring sessions and laugh every time I see it! Hope you will too. Anyone else out there with a snoring feline?

Another day of "getting" Kansas - this time with a KAT!

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