Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The power of the collective...

The Wichita Eagle online version ( led with a story this morning about the new theme song for the Explore Rural Kansas Partnerships. Beccy Tanner wrote about the rural tourism initiative and about our song, "Come and get it" (Feed Your Heart).

One of the beautiful things about the song was that it was written, performed, and produced by Kansans in a studio in the small town of Towanda. Jim Farrell, you and your cohorts gave us your heart on this one and we appreciate it.

But, as per usual, there are trollers out there who just love to make insensitive comments. Little did they know that we would see their rants as an opportunity.

This is the power of the Rural Voice. When we're organized, we can make beautiful music. I sent out a Constant Contact and asked for help. Before long, there was a nice string of inspired comments about the song, about rural life, about coming to visit us.

I was so proud of everyone for being constructive and positive. The energy from those comments was perfect pitch.

As we all start to work on the Explore Rural Kansas Partnership we will be sending out a melodic invitation for the world to come see us, to come get us, and to step into our world as we work to be the best we can be at being ourselves.

We'll work to strike the right chords in rural land to help the world "Get Kansas!"

KE #2 Marci Penner

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Keith said...

I see that the song mentions having the car radio on.

Most of my Kansas Exploring in on Saturdays and Sunday. The car radio, tuned to National Public Radio (NPR) is integral to my Kansas Exploring. There is nothing like driving down a rural Kansas Road on a sunny day listening to "Whad'Ya Know?"

I even download episodes of Talk of the Nation Science Friday or KCUR's Walt Bodine Show to listen to in the car.