Friday, May 22, 2009

Ribs dripping with Wonder

Guy and Mae's Tavern is located in Williamsburg in Franklin County. It's just a couple of miles off I-35 so pretty convenient.

WenDee had never been there so after a day-long meeting about the 2010 Kansas Sampler Festival in Leavenworth, we made a stop at Guy & Mae's. We didn't even need to look at the menu tacked on the wall to know we wanted ribs -- a full rack nonetheless!

The "rack" is wrapped in aluminum foil which comes wrapped in newspaper. When you open up the foil you find slices of white bread placed on top to soak up some of the stuff that needs soaking up. We must have gone through a carton of napkins but finally you just have to go "cave woman" to do it justice. We ate the whole rack plus a side of baked beans.

We even got to go back into the kitchen to see the "pit" where the ribs are smoked -- and see the guys that make it all happen in the back. They go through 12 cords of wood a year to keep the giant pit at just the right temperatures.

Asked how they managed to have the least fatty ribs anywhere, Judy answered that they trim the fat off every morning. That must be alot of work but it sure makes a difference! It was quite a sight to see big jars of Mae's secret sauce, too.

Guy & Mae's is one of the 24 finalists for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine. You can vote for it and others at Read more of the history by clicking here.

But whether you vote for it or not, put it on your list of places to go in Kansas. These ribs are some of the best you'll ever find -- a Wonder indeed!

To really "Get Kansas" you've got to eat at Guy & Mae's.

KE #2 Marci Penner


Von Rothenberger KE #8 said...

It's a Wonder that you eventually managed to pull yourself away from such a great place! Killer ribs and atmosphere to boot!

distimpson said...

oh man, that's some fine looking ribs, you and wendee are some lucky gals! don