Sunday, May 17, 2009


Welcome to Zenda! Zenda is a town of 120 in Kingman County near Nashville and Spivey!

The Zenda Lumber Yard Steakhouse and Supper Club is the hot spot in Zenda on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays. 620.243.6000. Woody and Beulah Graber opened the restaurant retaining the wooden floors from the 1902 lumberyard. Zenda memorabilia and other antiques are found on the walls -- plus funny signs that have to do with ranching and farming.

Wine bottles rest in horseshoes or in the nail and screw bins.

One customer was very happy with the special, Bourbon Steak. Another customer had a favorite staple on the menu, Bourbon Pork Loin with garlic mashed potatoes. The salad bar was excellent.

Zenda has a historic jail with shackles inside and other buildings that showed a town that once prospered. The Zenda Telephone company has been a great addition to the city. K-8th grade is still located in a nice looking building. If you can find Bonnie Bailey she'll show you 36 model buildings she made to depict turn-of-the-century Zenda.

The post office is found beneath shade trees and looks like a dandy place to go buy lots of stamps.

Zenda is located on the cusp of the Red Hills and High Plains making it a beautiful location to reach.

Find a reason to go to a small town. The experiences will help you Get Kansas!

KE #2 Marci Penner

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