Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seeing Kansas from a Slow Boat

Whew, somehow we all made it to the Lake Perry site with just latitude and longitude instructions. Sure was good to see the flag. We knew we were on the right path -- and that's about all it was.

The vest tree and rack of canoes were symbols of the day.

With a roaring fire, nice picnic tables, and good food, we managed to prepare ourselves for 2 hours plus on the water.

Bob had made the most clever latrine ever for us, too.

After more lounging around, we finally decided to move towards the water.

Bob gave us instructions on how to enter the canoe without tipping and on how to paddle. Friends of the Kaw "Riverkeeper" Laura Calwell added on to the instructions and we were ready to go.

Some Friends of the Kaw came with kayaks to be our river guardians. Explorers in attendance were Caroline Kern, Denison; Raechel Kelly, Leavenworth; Keyta Kelly, Tonganoxie; Anne Mitchell and Susan Koger, Wilmore; Leader Bob Topping; Jason Camis and Molly, Kansas City; Marci Penner and WenDee LaPlant, Inman.

No camera on the water, no pictures. It was a GREAT time and there was plenty of sun. No one tipped over. Just one paddle water fight. We saw a golden eagle.

Keep it rural. Kansas Explorers Club. Nice hats.

Being on canoes helped us "Get Kansas!" from a different angle. Thanks Bob!

KE #2 Marci Penner


Keith said...

Wish I had known it was at Lake Perry. Would have loved to bring my canoe out.


Keyta said...

Great time! I hope we can make this an annual event!