Sunday, December 14, 2008

They looked normal going in...

This group of women went in to Huckleberry's in Concordia looking like normal people... but that ended when they found the hat and accessories rack!

Within minutes of finding that dress-up nook in the back of the dining room, stories about the Aunt Helens, Great Grandma Lydias, and hats worn by another generation abound. Giggling and primping accompany the tough decisions of choosing color and style. Just try to have a serious conversation with personality-changing hats all around the table...

You'll not only have fun at Huckleberry (512 State, 785.243.7832) but also enjoy not-so-easy to find tasty, light entrees -- (maybe not-quite-so-light dessert). The made-from-sratch soup choices change often and include recipes like a hot chicken curry or a cold strawberry soup. The salads are not just tossed into a bowl but are very eye appealing as well as tasty. Sandwich breads are homemade and a wide array of tea flavors is offered.

Winter or summer, Lois and staff are friendly and welcoming. It's a can't miss place if you're simply looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.

What do these dainty places add to the rural landscape? You "Get Kansas" if you can answer that question.

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Anonymous said...

If you enjoy that type of dress up, you might also like Cottage Rose Teas and Treasures in Olathe.

They specialize in Princess Dress-Up Tea Parties for girls up to 14 years old. TA party includes hats, purses, boas, beverages, finger sandwiches, fruit, desserts, fashion show and an etiquette lesson.