Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm ready for action -- are you?

We're working day and night, it seems. It's an exciting time as we start to launch our Ten Transformational Ideas.

Powering Up. 17-35. I'm on a search for people in this age group who love rural Kansas and want to dig in to help create a New Rural. When the right six or so come along, we'll go into action. You can be a teacher, a scientist, a geek, a farmer, an artist, a college student, anything. Desired traits: Positive. Have a hint of activism. Gumption. A desire to blend all the good ol' rural community traits with new ideas. And mostly, have a strong desire to live in a rural community without sacrificing. Have passion for rural. If you know what a YP is, that's a good sign, too. Send me a note: marci@kansassampler.org. What are your thoughts?

Rural Voices. Recently a Kansas legislator threw out the idea of reducing the 105 counties in Kansas to something like 13 or 8 counties. This was a great motivator for me. I don't have the article in front of me but the reason for doing this was to make government more efficient and to be better able to position Kansas for the global economy. Without sharing all my thoughts on this subject I'll just say that it's time that we gather innovative grassroots minds in rural Kansas to create our own New Rural before more is "done to us."

Rural Voices is the plan to have delegates representing areas and meet, like in an assembly. We've got to create a strong and unifying voice that will stand up for a New Rural that can be viable and desirable. It's not about working harder to do things the same way. There are new opportunities. About 84% of the incorporated cities in Kansas have less than a 2,500 population. It's these towns that need to come together. Maybe larger size, each city will know.

Let's not just sit here and take more being done to us.

These ten transformational ideas are just what these times require. Things can happen quickly. We need some funding to keep the KSF operation going. But for now, I just wanted to share some of the ideas that keep bouncing around my head -- and won't stop. The only way they'll stop is to take action.

Anything here turn you on? Let me know. marci@kansassampler.org. These are only a few of the ideas but enough for now.

You can only really "Get rural Kansas" by living it.

KE #2 Marci Penner


Anonymous said...

I'm old. What's YP mean?

Anonymous said...

The 105 Counties that we have in Kansas, were created, so that even if you lived on the "County-Line", it was a "days ride" to town and back. Times and travel have changed... While the "C" word brings about much argument in rural America...
I say: Rather than have "Forced Consolidation" put on Kansas Counties and some "LUNK-HEAD" in Johnson Co. or Topeka, deciding which neighbors should be joined together, WE IN WESTERN KANSAS SHOULD SEEK TO DO IT OURSELVES.....
It is time to put aside our differences, and fusses over the imaginary County Lines and look to what we have in common, for consideration of consolidation. The number of governmental entities, including: Rural Water Districts, Townships, Counties, School Districts, etc., is WAY OUT OF WHACK, FOR A STATE WITH A POPULATION OF LESS THAN 3 MILLION... Think of the fun it will be in naming NEW Counties in Kansas...
Although, I think that going from 105 to 13 is a little drastic..., I can see going from 105 to 50 !!!

Walter said...

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