Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No sign, no warning. It's just there. This big rock.

What would you do if you were just driving on a residential street and came upon a boulder in the middle of the driving lane?
No warning sign, no flashing lights. It's just there.
If you're alert, you'll see that a driving lane has been made to the side of the street to accommodate the immovable boulder but if you're not paying attention -- you'll find yourself high centered on it. As many people have done.

Where do you find this rock? In McLouth (Jefferson County) on Granite Street between Cynthia and Lucy streets.
I took a bus full of Explorers to see the rock once. 40 of us. We parked the big Greyhound on the intersecting street and piled out of the bus. Such exclamations! Spontaneous reactions were to touch it, kiss it, stand on it, take pictures with it.

People came out of their houses to take pictures of us taking pictures of their rock. They called neighbors to ask if they saw the bus. Soon lots of them were watching us from their lawns or behind curtains.
We asked questions and they were amazed at our interest. Turns out there had been a giant boulder right there, planted by an ancient glacier. But, you see, a street needed to go right there. For the world, they couldn't get rid of that rock. So finally they quit trying -- and just left it.
We were driving to Leavenworth recently and took the route through McLouth. I said to WenDee, "This is the town with the rock in the middle of the road." She said, "I've never seen it. I have to see it!"
We drove downtown and turned south on Lucy Street for about three blocks to Granite Street. There, between Cynthia and Lucy, was the rock. WenDee was shocked how big it was. How easy it could be to hit it.
She kissed it, she laid on it, posed on it. Wanted a picture with the rock.
No sign, no warning. Just a rock. Great tourist attraction.
You won't "Get Kansas!" till you, too, see this rock. Keep your eyes open!

KE #2 Marci Penner

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