Monday, February 23, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore!

It doesn't look like they're in Kansas anymore! Pictured are Connie Hall and Rick Dykstra of the Geary County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Donna Price, CVB director of Sherman County. They are on the road to Los Angeles to set up a booth at the Adventures in Travel Expo. It's the largest trade show of its kind in the nation. And yes, Kansas does belong there!

Donna says their booth at the show helped people understand that Kansas is a beautiful state with much to offer. Many of those that came by the booth were surprised at the Kansas photos and the story of our history.

This small contingent of Kansas ambassadors made some great contacts and have already been contacted by a media outlet that wants press releases, announcements etc.

People have such a stereotype of Kansas so any kind of information helps re-shape their view. When they spend a few minutes asking questions, they start to get interested. We're one location that hasn't been over sold and that makes us desirable to many people.

This year, Donna has also represented Sherman County and Northwest Kansas at travel shows in Denver, Kansas City, and Wichita. That's a lot of road time but Donna is glad to do that for her sunflower state.

Thanks to Donna, Connie, Rick, and everyone else out there representing Kansas and helping people "Get Kansas!"

KE #2 Marci Penner


distimpson said...

Does anyone know where this picture was taken, looks like interesting country, down by Med Lodge maybe???? thanks, don

WenDee KE#36 said...

It's not in Kansas Don. I'm finding out for you and will let you know!