Thursday, February 12, 2009

See Kansas from a Slow Boat!

Wouldn't it be cool to have a Kansas Explorers Club Canoe Regatta?

Last year Bob Topping invited WenDee and I to enjoy a slow day on the Missouri River. Bob gave us canoe instruction and then we proceeded to have one of the best days ever. We did see Kansas with new eyes -- from a slow boat!

I noticed over the past several years a certain hectic annual rhythm that culminates with the Kansas Sampler Festival. The rhythm includes the Retreat for Rural Leaders, the We Kan! Conference, and several other projects of opportunity.

By the time the Kansas Sampler Festival is over, it is time for a breather. A time to slow down and see Kansas again with new eyes. Last year, two Kansas Explorers joined me on the Missouri River the second Saturday after the festival. We placed my canoe in the river at Leavenworth and floated down to Parkville. During the trip, we brainstormed that something like this might have some potential as an annual event if we modeled it after KE #108 Jay Yoder's Kansas Explorer Club Happening.

This year, I’d like to organize the first annual Kansas Explorer Canoe Regatta for 16 May 09.
Here is how the day might work:
This year we will canoe some place east of Topeka, north of I-70, and on a calm body of water.
Announce the actual location at the Kansas Explorer meeting during the Kansas Sampler Festival.
I’ll arrange for 8 to 10 canoes from a canoe specialist. They will provide the canoes and one hour of instruction. They will also provide guides front, rear and in between to assist paddlers when necessary.
Meet at the designated location at 10:00 a.m. on 16 May 09. Tell stories of our exploring en-route. Huddle at 11:00 for the instruction.
Fire up the grills and have some lunch. Socialize.
Launch canoes at 1:30 p.m. and “see Kansas with new eyes from a slow boat” for about two and a half hours.

In order to organize this, I need names of interested individuals. They can contact me at or 913-758-1959. Each canoe will cost $50 and we need a minimum of 8 canoes. A canoe can hold up to 3 people. So the individual cost will vary from $16.67 to $25.

Now, from Marci.
We didn't fall out of the canoe once! It was so much fun. So, count in Moss and WenDee. We'd like to pay $24 each. I think Mom might want to come, too.
Veteran canoer or beginner, floating down the river and relaxing will help you "Get Kansas!" in a wonderful, slow way. Come along!
KE #2 Marci Penner

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Sharon said...

We have to go to a wedding that weekend but this sounds so great!
Just 2 wks ago, we were talking about finding a way to learn how to 'power' a canoe. We just know you'll have a wonderful time.
Don and Sharon Smith KE#5117