Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ohhh....tired body

We're in Concordia helping prepare for the May 2-3 Kansas Sampler Festival.

Tents going up today! Traffic starting to increase around the park as interest grows.

Tent booth layout crew led by Bob Topping included his wife Jan, Keyta Kelly and daughter Kaitlin. I helped when I wasn't talking to Anthony the tent guy or doing an interview. Bob has a new efficient way to do the layout. It was great.

Fencing was completed and some new bodies arrived to help put up the 8 small white tents that comprise the Kansas Explorers Club tent and the historic performers tent. that ever a chore.

Dallas, Burnell, Mike, Don, and Tom from Concordia were fabulous workers. Ellen Morgan, one of our board members, worked so hard, too.

This was the day Sally Fuller, ace volunteer from Liberal, arrived -- and later her niece Christina Vaugh from Oklahoma joined us. Sally and Christina have volunteered for four years now.

We ate in two locally-owned places today -- Zistro and El Puerto. Bought necessary items at Town and Country.

Susie and Tammy are working hard in the office.

We'll get the chairs and tables in the tents tomorrow.

Have to go recuperate now!

Why do we all do this? To help the public "Get Kansas!"

KE #2 Marci Penner


Keith said...

How wet is the ground?


Unknown said...

GREAT EVENT! Thanks for all you do!