Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Explore Rural Kansas

Tomorrow about 20 representatives from rural communities are coming to the Kansas Sampler Center near Inman to discuss the concept of promoting rural Kansas as "an attraction."
If we could interest visitors into our small towns like Erie (picture) to find old-fashioned soda fountains and a million other things it would really help the world "Get Kansas!"
KE #2 Marci Penner


Patsy Terrell said...

People will come to see things but they've got to know they're there. The Guidebook is great, but people just passing through are not likely to see that. But, a flyer people could pick up that told them where all the cool old soda fountains were in the whole state might well keep them around a little longer.

Or, a brochure about what restaurants - like Dover - are still making pie from scratch. Or something for churches and cathedrals.

Part of the trick is getting people to think about niches instead of getting people to come to one place and do everything there is to do. If you can get them in for the pie, maybe they'll check out something else too.

Connie - KE #81 said...

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