Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artisan Coffee Roaster Extraordinaire

If you like coffee - or even if you don't - you gotta check out Blacksmith Coffee Roastery located in “Little Sweden USA” - Lindsborg, Kansas. The owner, Mark Galloway, is a young entrepreneur who opened his unique business in one of the oldest buildings in town - the Holmberg & Johnson Blacksmith Shop.

We arranged to meet a good friend of ours, Kathy Kajinami from McPherson, there for a cup of joe before heading to parts farther east one day. Little did we know that we would get an incredible tour of his facility and witness the art of roasting Arabica beans from beginning to end. What a marvelous process that involves skill, science, math, patience and a passion for coffee.

Arabica Beans come from all over the world! Measuring out beans for roasting

Mark and his family had a booth in the Mercantile Tent (Kansas products) at the Kansas Sampler Festival in Concordia this May. He sold so much the first day that he ran out and stayed up until midnight roasting more for the following day.

After the coffee is roasted it is quickly cooled. Packaged coffee. Kathy Kajinami enjoys the aroma.

Some of Mark's coffee blends include: Sumatra Lintong, Guatemala Genuine Antigua Pastora, Espresso Especiale (my personal favorite), Panama, Honduras Miel Cafe, Brazil Vaqueros Extraordinarios, El Salvador Cuzcachapa Organic and Papua-New Guinea to name a few!

You can buy coffee directly from the store or online at This is must place to visit while in Lindsborg!

WenDee, Marci and Mark are happy to be
exploring the world of java making!

You know when Mark is roasting coffee by the smell that lingers around his store on Main Street! You also know when you "Get Kansas" when you stop and smell the coffee!


shelia said...
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Anne Hassler said...

Yay Kathy and coffee. Great post!

Mark Galloway said...

Hi Marci and WenDee!

Thanks for writing such a great article! It was fun having you up and I'm thrilled you enjoyed your experience, (and coffee) at Blacksmith Coffee Roastery! We look forward to seeing you and more Kansas Explorers here in Lindsborg!