Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're almost done

"Food so great you'll scrape your plate" are the words in Jim Stukey's mural that graces one side of the cafe.

But the slogan is also stenciled around the ceiling of the dining room thanks to Keyta, Rachel, and Katyln -- and Eli.

The air conditioner is working -- thanks to Kelly and his crew.

Our window guy Michael and assistant Eric built frames and have all the windows in.

Sue put contact paper on all the shelves within the horseshoe. Von and Katy helped.

Jerry got all the tile laid where new ones were needed.

Jeanette, Ellen, Susie, Diane all doing odd jobs.

Stacy & Diana were the Degreaser Queens and have that grill looking shiny and new!

Doug is working hard on the bathrooms -- sink, paneling.

Electric saws and hammers sing out -- Jeff, CJ, Jim, and others in charge of that.

Mary, Elizabeth, Janet, and Gene painting everywhere.

Gerald and Stacy are hanging lights.

These are just a few of the names of the many people that helped. Even Rosa's Mom was down on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

Pots and pans, dishes, appliances are getting a clean-up.

Rains came twice and we covered everything up but we kept going.

Bob and Gene are capably in charge keeping everything in forward motion. WenDee doubles as documentarian and then goes to work.

Locals and Rosa's relatives are all helping.

People were driving by to see the progress -- or walking through the cafe.

We walk about three blocks to the community center for our meals made by Rosa and community women. We're joined by dozens of locals and treated to plenty of great food. At noon today the Baptist preacher and his wife sang folks songs in the echoey gym where we eat. At supper, a country-western band, including Rosa's uncle, performed. It was awesome!

It felt like a big old community party and everyone had their role.

But when Rosa comes to check on things, she's the main focus and we all want to know what she thinks. Sometime she'll just be the character that she is, so she won't cry. It's overwhelming for all of us -- and today we're going to wrap it up.

Hope you'll all find a time to come eat at the new Whiting Cafe!!!

Gotta go to work. KE #2 Marci Penner

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