Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ready to go!

I'm ready for day 2! A little sleep is great for recovery.

Today we should see some little projects getting finished. The outside of the building is painted a fresh coat of white. Barb re-did the Whiting Cafe sign in red. The mural "Food so great you'll scrape your plate" looks fabulous. Windows will go in today. Duct work. Ceiling is cleaned and will be painted today. Some floor tiles will be replaced today.

I have to say that we had the most phenomenal workers yesterday. Phenomenal. Everyone was focused, helpful, friendly, and dedicated to the task at hand.

Fresh workers are coming in today, too. It's all good.

Rosa and relatives are watching with a careful eye. They are starting to realize we're doing this for the love of Rosa and small towns -- relentless for rural we are.

Live near by? Just come on over to see the action and "Get Kansas!"

KE #2 Marci

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