Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whiting Cafe - the pre-makeover visit

We got to Whiting about 2:45 p.m. Rosa closed at 2 p.m. and was already in full motion cleaning out the back room and moving things to the community center in order to feed us tomorrow. Her family and relatives were helping.

WenDee went around taking pictures of the "before." It definitely looks like a restaurant that has been in business for 25 years. This weekend's "makeover" is going to make it into a new place, one that Rosa and customers will love.

We went back to Holton to do a number of errands. While WenDee printed off a volunteer chart at the chamber with help from Pam Halladay, I visited the folks at the Holton Recorder and went to say hi to thousand dollar donor Tom Bishop at Homestead Affordable Housing. From there we went shopping for supplies before meeting Gene Merry and his son Bobby for supper.

Gene and Bobby had been working at the cafe for awhile prepping things for tomorrow. Guys were there installing the exhaust fan and Lower's brought the new air conditioning and heating unit. John had brought over the new windows. The new freezer was delivered by Jayhawk TV & Appliance of Holton.

It'll be like directing an orchestra tomorrow but Gene Merry and Bob Topping will keep everyone moving. We just have to keep hydrated... it's going to be hot.

I'm ready to get started. I know Rosa will sleep better when this is all over. She's such a hard working, good person. It's going to be lots of hard work but a joy to do this for someone like Rosa and for a town like Whiting.

"Get Kansas" by helping or following the action on WenDee LaPlant's Facebook or her Twitter account or on this blog. It should be pretty special.

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