Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Cause to Celebrate

Champagne glasses were served throughout the crowd so all onlookers could share a toast for the re-opening of the 1905 Weaver Hotel in Waterville, a town of 664. This great event took place May 23.

Two million dollars later the Weaver has ten rooms open. We could tour only one that day because the others were all full. Terrific!

Rooms are furnished nicely with antiques. Bathrooms have been installed in each room. The beds look very comfortable. They've done it right.

One meeting room is on the main floor.

Fancy T's has moved from downtown to the Weaver and owners Sandy and Sharon also serve as the caretakers, greeters, and receptionists for the hotel.

It is so awesome that a town of less than 1,000 could do something like this. It took a tremendous volunteer effort for this 10-year project to come to fruition and all should feel very proud. Bruce McMillan was the architect and the contractor was a local man, Richard Nelson. Bob and Janice Cole wrote successful grants. Many people donated to the cause. Why?

Because people, especially those who have a connection, are drawn to these great efforts in small towns -- efforts that will help keep a town viable. These people gave generously and worked uncommonly hard to open this place and they did it for one reason -- because they love Waterville.

To "Get Kansas" you should stay a night in the Weaver and spend a day getting to know the town and its people. You'll have a real good feeling about rural Kansas if you do.

KE #2 Marci Penner


Unknown said...

Looks very inviting! I learned they have a helpful web site, and Marshall County has a tourism web site listing a multitude of interesting things to see and do. Recently I saw some wonderful photos by Scott Bean of the waterfalls at Alcove Springs and Lake Idylwild. This sounds like a great place to spend more than just one day and night!

distimpson said...

That’s a beauty, a crown jewel for the town, best wishes and respect for folks that made it happen, don