Saturday, September 6, 2008

Being Director of Cool is not always cool!
It feels strange to refer to myself as the "Director of Cool" for the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Of course, this is just an honorary handle, and one given because I'm the most savvy employee about computers out of a total of two and a half staff members. (The "half" is VLee, Marci's mom who does the bookwork, mowing, mailing, but most important of all, the cookie baking!)
I never considered myself cool - always wanted to be - but just didn't have the right gene or something. So, this whole cool thing seems to have put a little more pressure on me to perform some nifty tech things. Problem is, it seems to take longer to learn everything just to be cool.
I was jumping around the barn, scattering dustbunnies everywhere, in excitement about learning how to embed a YouTube video of the B.Y.O.L.C. visit to Stark. It's not hard, just a little - okay, a lot - time consuming. I keep telling myself I'll get better and faster but just when you think you've caught up with the techie world, it's headed off in another direction or added some junket that you didn't take time to read about in the last Computer World journal.
The next steps are to get a Kansas Sampler Foundation or Kansas Explorers Club group on Facebook and use that social stepladder to enlarge our network. Then we enter the world of Blackberry's or IPhones. We haven't decided which one would best fit our use so if you want to leave a comment about your preference that would be "cool."
Our use would not only be to communicate while we're "doing dirt" or "seeing Kansas with new eyes" but also to "TWITTER" folks who are in the Twitter network to let them know in a nanosecond where we are, what we're doing and to invite them to be there, get there and do it now! To find out about Twittering log onto: and learn all about it. It's now the Cool Thing. It basically is - and this is directly from their website: "... a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?"
Sounds simple huh? We'll see.
Enough for now. Stay tuned for the next cool report from the Barn on Section 27, McPherson County, Kansas, coming soon.

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