Friday, September 12, 2008

Outdoor Events and Rain

I'm thinking about tomorrow, Saturday. We will have our "Bring Your Own Lawn Chair" event in Morland (Graham Co.) rain or shine. It looks like it should actually be OK in the Morland area. The BYOLC is a rural community awareness event and the point is to help the interested public learn about issues and opportunities in small towns. This town of 155 has a lot more going on than meets the eye -- and we want to help folks understand and really see this town. Highlights will be eating at the restuarant, seeing the comic book collection on the walls of the bank, admiring the bas relief mural on the bank exterior, touring the grocery store building that is being renovated, and more. The biggest highlight though will be meeting the people of Morland. The lawn chair meeting in the street will start at 10 a.m., but breakfast will be served at the cafe starting at 9 and the post office will close by 10. No matter what the weather is, it'll be a great day to be in Morland. Oh, did I say homemade ice cream will be part of the lunch menu?

But my thoughts are about all the towns having events tomorrow, including Kansas Originals outdoor event at their store and the state fair. You work so hard and then the thing you can't control, the weather, comes along to make itself known. Luckily, there are many sturdy Kansans who don't let the weather stop them. The fact is that rain creates a different environment for the event and sometime it can be even more special. Fewer people attend so you get to know each other better. Expectations are out the window so all you can do is relax and enjoy. Event participants are appreciative of folks that come out in the rain so they treat you really well.

If you had plans to go somewhere tomorrow, I hope you'll still go. I know I'll be in Morland with my lawn chair sitting in the middle of the street.

Yours, KE #2 Marci Penner

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