Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Time in Lincoln!

Last night the Lincoln County Historical Society had their annual meeting in the Kyne House Museum in Lincoln. It was so fun to set up our "Go Kansas!" game show and be the game show host. My Mom and her sisters made a quilt with 40 question pockets to be our game show board. Dad devised a PVC pipe frame that can be disassembled and hauled in my car. We have chaser lights, buzzers, scoring, and 40 questions about what there is to see and do in Kansas. This was a really fun group and we had a rowdy good time learning about Kansas.

I stopped in to visit with Marilyn Helmer at Village Lines before I went to the museum. We had a quick but excellent talk about a really great core of people in Lincoln working together to make things happen. Marilyn has spent many years working in and for Lincoln. She's been a stalwart and is one of those community folks that, to me, is a Kansas hero.

The drive up to Lincoln from Inman was so beautiful -- especially K-14 between I-70 and Lincoln. Stunning beauty. The rolling hills and the roadside grasses were exquisite. It was a sunny day and Kansas just shone, all the way to Lincoln.

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Heliumhusker said...

I spent my birthday on a day trip through Ellsworth and on to Lincoln. My wife and I happened upon Marilyn and purchased items from her store. She insisted that we go to the historic museum and we were pleasantly surprised with a guided tour that helped fill in any blanks we may have missed. Our guide was very informative and professional. We were then off to the Hungry Hunter cafe, what a treat. After a little more shopping we found some awesome Nebraska Cornhusker fan items and then we headed down hwy 14 which is beautiful. Makes me want a Harley Davidson even more so I can travel the curves in the open.