Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exploring Gets In Your Blood!

I love Willie Mays, country living, and a good Crepe Paper Festival. But I also just love it when a true believer is born -- an explorer believer that is. Some don't have to convert far from loving to travel and see the world or the state but there's something different about waking up one day and knowing that it's now exploring blood that runs through your veins, that your eyes now see a new perspective, and that your heart has warmly melded with the drama of rural community survival.

Here is an example of one of those spine-tingling e-mails we get or stories that we hear about another Explorer being born.

These folks will be called He and She. They are of retirement age and happened to get ahold of that book that I've heard about, "The Kansas Guidebook for Explorers." It became their traveling bible and after they had gone on numerous trips they soon started to just jump in the car and head out in any direction. They get near a town and flip open the book to get started. They recently found themselves in the city of Anthony (pop. 2,300) and followed book guidance to Mueller Bros., a men and women's clothing store with shoes and athletic gear as well. Mueller's has been a stalwart business in Anthony since 1907. The building is complete with pressed-tin ceiling, old shelving, marvelous old-time woodwork and lighting. Explorer "He" bought a pair of dress pants and both He and She bought shoes. They had a great experience and enjoyed exceedingly friendly service. When they got home, they opened one of the bags and found a handwritten thank you note. As wonderful as that was they have become accustomed to having all sorts of Explorer moments with small towns.

To finish this story of He and She... Friends recently suggested a structured Kansas day trip plan. He and She just couldn't do it. They convinced the other traveling companions to just head out, flip open that guidebook, and enjoy the journey. That, my friends, is the mind of a true explorer.

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