Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Kansas! game show

I'm looking forward to doing my "Go Kansas" game show in Lincoln tonight for their annual historical society meeting. The game show is a fun way to help people learn about Kansas. Adding fun to the learning equation sure makes a difference.

I'm still glowing about the great Saturday in Morland and can't wait to see what our final "Bring Your Own Lawn Chair" event of the year will bring in Dexter on October 18.

There is no end to adventures one can have in this state. One fun thing to do is just stop in any town you come to and drag main and drive the residential areas. There is always something to learn. I like to start in the post office, cafe, grocery store or library as a place to have an initial conversation.

It's beautiful today. If you can, take a drive! Yours, KE #2 Marci

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