Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Always a Wonder

"Campaign for Volts" Guitar Exhibit
Every day I wake up and wonder what this new day in Kansas will bring. I know I'll be trekking alongside Kansas' biggest cheerleader and finding out more than I could have ever imagined what the state has to offer.
Yesterday morning I finished up the Power Point program we finally decided on that Marci would present to the Wichita City Library Wednesday group. I've been trying to wean M. away from her trusty slide programs but it's taken awhile! Well, I can't just blame M., it's taken me awhile to get enough slides scanned and digital photos taken to put together a suitable program to present using Power Point. We've had all the equipment needed for quite some time and have actually done a few here at the Sampler Center for other actitvities but this was a first for an "on the road" program. It was an exciting day for both of us!
The program we prepared was actually the combination of three we had put together for the announcments of the last 8 Wonders of Kansas contests - the original Big 8, Architecture and the current one, Art. Needless to say with 24 finalists in each category it made for a rather looooong presentation on M's part but delighted the large crowd present at the library.
It was fun to hear all the comments and enthusiasm from the crowd. There was even 15-20 Kansas Explorers in the group that had come just for the occasion. It's always great to educate fellow Kansans about what all there is to see and do in the state and also to have their interest in becoming Explorers.
It was also a perk to look up at the end of the program to see my old museum buddy, Jami Frazier Tracy, the Curator of Collections for Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, standing there grinning at me. She and I go way back from the days I worked as an Exhibits Curator at the Finney County Historical Museum in Garden City. There's just something special about those "museum people!"
I had heard about their special guitar exhibit at the museum so we jumped at the chance to take a quick peek with our personal guide before we had to scurry to our next errand. The museum is right across from the Wichita Library. Every time I go to the WSCHM I am always entranced by it's beauty and exquisite exhibits. What a top notch group of staff and volunteers they have there. It was also a treat to meet the new director, Eric Cale. Congrats on your first year Eric!
If you have a few minutes the next time you're in Wichita stop by and see the guitar exhibit. It's called Campaign for Volts! and is a special exhibit celebrating the first electric guitars from the 1930s and the 75th Anniversary of its world debut from the Club Shadowland in Wichita, Kansas. Here's what I copied from their news release about the exhibit:
"Enterprising Wichita Guitarist, Orchestra Leader and Music Educator, Gage Brewer made a trip to California in the late summer of 1932 and acquired the first electric guitars from their inventor and whisked them to Wichita for a triumphal introduction through a series of Halloween performances locally. It would take several years for the instrument to catch on but Brewer proceeded through a career spanning five decades prominently featuring the instrument."
It's a temporary exhibit and you'll be out of luck after the end of October so run, don't walk, to see it and all of the rest of the fine displays they have created.
Here's their visitor info:
Hours/Admissions: Tuesday – Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday – Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm Closed Mondays and Holidays Check Calendar
$4.00 for Adults $2.00 for Children (Ages 6-12) Under Age 6 are Free
Website for more info:
The museum is located in the coolest building in downtown Wichita at 204 S. Main. It's the old City Building across from the Library at the southeast corner of Main Street and William. Parking is generally pretty easy to find too.
Today brought a visit to the State Fair. More to ponder on - I mean "wonder on" that later.
Enjoy the wonders of Kansas!

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