Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Road Trip in Kansas

It was a perfect day in August -- except for the constant rain.

We went anyway. The family (plus cousins) left early for our every-other-year Kansas day trip. The rain just added to the fun.

This year's itinerary included the Anton Pearson Studio, Lindsborg; Coronado Heights, near Lindsborg; old, old Highway 81 from near Bennington to Minneapolis; Rock City, near Minneapolis; Blackberry Mercantile, Oak Hill; the stone buffalo, near Longford; and the Renaissance Cafe, Assaria.

Even, and especially, my nieces know how to see Kansas through Explorer eyes. Spending money in small towns not only feels good but becomes a must. We not only dared to do dirt but we did mud. I made up a Rural Culture Element auto bingo game and each car had fun playing. Enjoying the journey is the big thing. What a great day we had exploring.

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