Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What an exciting few days it's been doing our "Explorer" thing. I've been hardly able to catch my breath! M. has done most of the catching up on our adventures so I'll add just a few of my personal activities - mostly eating of course! But I must tell you, this job definitely has some perks and one of them is sampling the cuisine. There are some talented cooks out there in the prairie hamlets.

One highlight that stands out occured following the B.Y.O.L.C. in Morland this past Saturday at the Prairie Junction where I enjoyed scrumptious and moist fried chicken (cooking MOIST fried chicken is an art by the way); the pasta salad and ewww, I almost get quivery inside remembering it...the homemade pumpkin pie accompanied by a side of homemade Black Walnut ice cream.

The other happened in Manhattan thanks to our cat Phoebe who was being treated at K-State Vet School and was scheduled to be picked up on Sunday. We timed our trip so we could try out a place downtown referred to us by Angie Fryer, KE#2048, called "The Chef Cafe." They serve up an amazing array of breakfast items including Smoked Salmon Benedict enjoyed by Explorer #2 and I drooled over the Pancakes Bananas Foster served with pecan dark rum syrup. I've never had such succulent pancakes! In fact, I could have eaten just the pancakes without all the other yummy stuff. Even tried to talk the chef out of his recipe but he's keeping it a secret! Darn! Log onto their website to find out more info:

M has already updated you earlier on our experiences at Collyer and Castle Rock so I'll just supply the photos. You know what they say about pictures - it's worth a thousand words! Enjoy!

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