Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can't Keep My Eye on the Road!

Fall is a great time to see Kansas! In fact, it's downright hard to keep your eye on the road. The eye wants to be in the ditches and pastures viewing the wildflowers and grasses!

KE #4558 Phyllis Scherich of Comanche County has this wildflower report for the Gyp Hills (Red Hills). She says: "...and we don't want to forget the grasses which are at their glory right now and for the next few weeks. The variations in size, color, texture, and form of the blooming and fruiting grasses are fascinating and intriguing. From the beautiful Indian grass to the nuisance sand burs to the little and big bluestems - they are worth taking a close look at. If anyone is interested in identifying grasses, this is the time!

Phyllis has seen the following bloom this week in Comanche - Barber counties.

Wax Goldenweed
Cut-leaf Gaillardia
Pitcher Sage
Mentzelia (opens late afternoon)
Fendler's Aster
Dotted Gayfeather
Clammy Weed
Some Prickly Poppy
a few Englemann's Daisy
Stiffleaf False Goldenaster
Camphor Weed
Showy Partridge Pea
Purple Ground Cherry
Silver Leaf Nightshade
Scratch Daisy

Barber County had more rain than Comanche so may have more abundance of wildflowers.

Get more info here on Kansas Wildflowers

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