Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"As Big As A Plate!"

Kansas Explorer #1287 Margo Yates says "anyone searching for the best darn chicken fried steak in Kansas needs to come to Marion." She says the chicken fried steak at the Stone City Cafe (211 E. Main, 620.382.2656) is the best in the state and "as big as your plate!"

To be on the official Explorer Chicken Fried Steak list the CFS needs to be fresh meat, hand breaded AND pan or grill fried. The Stone City Cafe CFS meets the first two criteria but is deep-fat fried. It doesn't get on our list but that doesn't mean it isn't terrific and I'd never doubt a Margo recommendation!

Speaking of "as big as your plate..."

This is a pork tenderloin sandwich that I had at Cherokee's Grill in Stark. It's true! You're looking at a regular size bun and a very irregular size pork tenderloin! Not only was it big but it was terrific!

A number of Explorers ate there when we had the "Bring Your Own Lawn Chair" event in Stark, 20 miles east of Chanute.

This is a prime example of the size of the servings of most items on the menu. Wow!

Cherokee's Grill is at 105 W. Main. 620.754.3995.

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Anonymous said...

"As Big As A Plate" Chicken Fried Steak looks sooo awesome! I'll have to make a trip!! I'm really enjoying your blog, WenDee!!! You ROCK!